Holy crap someone read a post

I am more than a little amazed that 2 people have actually read my post. I was just kind of rambling yesterday and was completely shocked that it was found by anyone. It is weird to think of the advancements in technology in my lifetime. I am just 40 but have seen us go from renting the rotary telephone from Southern Bell to every kid having the internet on their phone in their pocket. I am conflicted about it though. The more I learn on the old Google machine the more I want to revert back to the family farm days. I am excited that these technologies exist even if I am a few years late to the party on them.  I used to get Spacebook, MyFace, and Slapchat all confused but I am starting to figure them out now. I say that but really I am just starting to figure it out when my son talks about it. He will grow up and it will be a part of him that he doesn’t think twice about. I kind of feel like a tree that grew too fast and had to be cut off at the top so the roots could catch up. (line completely taken without shame from “Pure Country”)


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