What not to do cont.

This will be a short one completely because of the weather yesterday. Do not wear your nice work shoes to feed the pigs in the dark after a day of rain followed by a day of 30 degree weather. I got home late after my sons basketball game and went to feed without changing my khakis and sperry’s and stepped in the soft mud/poop mixture and nearly lost a shoe and definitely will stain my pantleg. I thought for a minute I was going to get frostbite as the icy water worked its way through my sock. However, I am way too tough for that.

On that thought though I would like to recommend a product. I am totally not paid for this. I spent $100 on a pair of muck boots a few years back. I was coaching football and it was literally raining 3-4 days per week and we were always in mud. I live in Alabama so it was really more like red clay pits we called a practice field after the second week. I couldn’t dry my sneakers fast enough to have a pair of dry shoes for practice so I broke down and spent the money for the mucks thinking I was spending way too much. It ended up being wet the whole year and we even played the last game with the visitor sidelines partially under water. I wore that pair for 3-4 years until my dog got a hold of them and chewed the neoprene off. I have since replaced them and wear them daily in the winter around the house and hunting. Great boots.




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