What not to do cont.

I had a little cash and was wanting a tractor badly. I went to an equipment auction up the road at my house. There were probably a dozen tractors for sale. I didn’t want to spend a lot and hadn’t really started any projects but just knew I would need one someday. I decided I would bid on a little MF 1010. I think it had 17 hp and would have enough hp for a 4 ft bush hog.  I got it for around $1000 and did use it to take out some brush before the hydraulic pump went out.  I ended up selling it and losing a couple hundred dollars and feeling burnt. I am no mechanic so I should have brought someone along to check it out before spending money on it or I should have bought new. I waited a few years and ended up buying a brand new LS tractor with 38 hp and a loader. I have loved it since I got it. I am 6’3″ and a former college offensive lineman so I was used to just picking everything up by hand. I have figured out I was getting older recently after hurting myself a few times. I use that loader more than I ever realized was possible. I pick up trailers with it when tires need changing, move chicken coops, haul fencing supplies and push in Tposts, and my favorite is hauling scrap metal off and loading it with the loader. I loaded an old car that weighed 4400 lbs onto a trailer with it.  I also ordered a toothbar for it and can clear saplings and brush with it. I guess I have 2 points. 1 before buying something get someone to check it out if you don’t know how to fix it. 2. If you buy a tractor get the loader.


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