Fence training goats

IMG_20141120_161053_454I bought my father in law a goat years ago to add to his collection. It was a bottle baby and would even sit in your lap. Good thing it was small. Over time he figured out how to smell the electric pulse. He would then rock back and forth in time with it and then jump through without getting shocked. Unfortunately, the other goats then followed his lead. He ended up selling all but one he couldn’t catch and lived for a while as a free range goat. When I started back in the goat business I did not want to break the bank on wire fence.  I found a continuously charged fence charger. Basically, it always is shocking, no pulses. When I brought goats in they tried to walk through it and got laid out falling on their side while getting shocked. It sounded awful but they were ok after a couple minutes. Only one goat tried it twice but he didn’t go for three. The one I found is not good for big areas or wet weather but just to train them it was great. If they start getting brave on the pulse charger I switch it out for a few days.


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