Chicken Butchering

My son is 12 and his friends love coming to the house to have some room to run around and play with the animals. I happened to be butchering a few chickens one day when 3 of them came over. They were fascinated that I was going to kill it and eat it. They all wanted to kill one. I obliged. I caught 2 chickens and let 2 of the boys use an ax to do the deed. The chickens got spooked and we ended up shooting one because the other boy was upset that he didn’t get to do it and I was afraid he was going to hurt himself running around chasing chickens. The process got the usual oohs and ahhs. They jumped and ran when the chickens did their back flips. It was all going pretty good until I tried to get them to skin and gut them. The biggest and oldest started getting queasy when I started skinning it and had to go in when I pulled out the organs. The others just watched with a sense of awe. They listened as I told them which organs I was holding and paid attention the entire time. I fed the organs and skin to the pigs and explained that we try to use everything we can for something. I was a little disappointed they wouldn’t process them but at least I got them thinking about the process. They went in the house and explained it to the one who was feeling queasy about it in full detail. So much so that he left and went to my mother in laws for refuge. Good times. The chicken turned out great we did a couple beer butt chickens and boiled and canned the rest.


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