Fruit Trees

I was scrolling through Craigslist and came upon a guy selling fruit trees for $6. I had bought some years ago and was a little worried when I bought them because they were bare root. Well, don’t be scared about that. I drove by the old house and the bare root pear trees I planted are still there 10 years later and beautiful. I bought 4 apples (Fuji) but was hoping to get honeycrisp but they were sold out by the time they got here. I also got 2 nectarines and 4 grapes. The wife even got her brother some 5 in 1 apples for his deer plots. I already bought 5 peach and 4 other apple trees from Home Depot. I planted 6 of them after work yesterday and hope the weather will cooperate so I can get the rest in the ground before it freezes. I am excited about the potential food sources and maybe barter or sale of the excess in the future. Picking the spot was and is the hardest part of the whole operation. It had to be in a spot I didn’t think I would need for something else that got summer sun. I picked a spot by the rode and will prolly have to cut a tree or two down to finish the project but that is part of the plan for that spot anyway. To plant them I bring some buckets of water and soak roots in those while I dig. I dig a diameter about 3 shovel heads around and put the dirt to the side. I was digging up zoysia grass so I ended up keeping the sod and adding potting soil and soil conditioner (fine mulch) to the dirt there and planting with the roots spread out. then backfill and cover with mulch. shouldn’t take long if the ground is not hard.


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