Meat Grinder

I was fished in by Google or Amazon. I had looked up meat grinders just out of curiosity and then I kept getting ads for meat grinders on everything. Then I finally had to knock the dust off the wallet and buy an electric one for $60 with free shipping on cyber Monday from Cabela’s. I have yet to try it out but I do a lot of hog hunting and can see learning how to make link sausage in my future. I have already been checking out recipes and just need some luck this week for a deer or hog. It came with a sausage stuffer tube. I also can see making a smokehouse in the future as well. I watched a good Youtube video of some guys that made some deer/hog sausage and it has got me excited about the possibilities.

My 2 best friends and I enjoy hunting and we hate spending money. I believe I have talked them into helping me convert my mini lawnmower/workshop barn into a butcher shop over the winter. It is a 16 by 16 square with a chicken/pig coop to one side. I figured we could move everything left to the back and have an 8 by 16 space to setup shop. I have a grinder and a vacuum sealer and they have a slicer and sharp knives among them. I will try and start taking pictures and posting them. Any bones left over we can give to dogs and pigs. We might even have some compost material.


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