Cold Weather

It is unusually cold here as well as everywhere else. In times like this I feel sorry for the animals. I make sure to give them extra corn because it warms them up while digesting. I like to feed close to dark so it helps them when the temps drop. The goats have all taken shelter under an old bus and the donkey must lay up next to them. The pigs have rooted their entire pasture up to a muddy mess and it has now frozen solid. It has made feeding them difficult. The trough I made they buried and I have to feed them inside the coop now through the egg door to hit a good piece of land that is not mud or rutted up frozen space. I am bringing one to the butcher this week or next. I have gotten them so big they are having trouble getting through the door (of course the door was made for a chicken coop so it is not that big and they rooted up the ground under it and it won’t open all the way because it is frozen in the ground.) The dog is the only one who seems unfazed by it. He prefers to sleep in the grass in front of the house no matter the weather. I have him a nice spot in the barn but he refuses to go in there. I managed to plant about 20 different fruit trees over the last few weeks when the weather and flu cooperated. I am excited about the potential from that. My family likes fruits more than vegetables so it could be a real blessing. I still have 4 Honeycrisp apples left to plant and 5 grapes but that will have to wait a little while. I have found a supplier of bare root fruit plants and can see the possibility of growing an orchard in the future. A $6 bare root tree can live for decades with little to no work (at least less than a garden) and I have a good spot to get a U-Pick operation going. My parents have a place in Lake Lure, NC and it is serious apple country. They introduced us to Honeycrisps and he has been trying to get one for his yard and can’t find one. He is pretty jealous. Stay warm.


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